Zig-Zag Seafront Shelter

The much abused Zig-Zag shelter in Frinton is undergoing repair (again) and the tiled roof is now completed.  On this occasion repairs benefit from 50% grant from the County Council and additional finance from Tendring District Council.

Image Zig Zag Seafront Shelter

Update January 2008

The Zig-Zag seafront shelter in Frinton is one of five restored in 2007 with the help of a County Council Grant.  The much vandalised condition of this shelter, one of the oldest in the Town’s area, has been a cause for concern locally for several months.  A huge amount of work has been devoted to this structure and it is now better than at any time in the last one hundred years.

Precept 2008/2009

The Town Council’s Precept for the forthcoming year is £431,563.  This is the amount that the Town Council asks Tendring District to collect from Council Tax payers in the Town’s area to pay for Town Council services.  On present information, the Precept will amount to £52.82 pa. for a Band “D” Council Tax payer.  In addition to inflation the increase will pay for:

  • Walton Market
  • Seafront Security Equipment,
  • Conservation Areas Management Plan
  • Youth Facility Feasibility Study
  • Frinton-in-Bloom “gold” bid


Grant Approved

The Essex County Council has approved the Town Council’s application for grant of £6305.00 to restore six more seafront shelters.  The judging panel met in mid-December and awarded a second grant from the Community Initiatives Fund.  The six shelters are in Frinton and Walton and are the last ones requiring substantial work.  Tendring District Council has also offered a grant of £1000.00.  It is hoped that work will start in April 2007.

Image of Plaque - Restored in 2006 by Frinton and Walton Town Council with Grant aid from Essex County Council

Great Holland Gates

Following requests from Great Holland residents the Town Council asked the County Council if the three main entrances to the village could have speed restriction gates installed (as at Kirby Cross).  The Essex County Council readily agreed.  The design was not easy as verges were almost non-existent in some places.  The County Council installed all three sets very recently. 

Image Great Holland Gates