Post Office Opens – 1 June 2021

Councillor Terry Allen opened the new Triangle Shopping Centre Post Office on 1st June 2021. Frinton and Walton Town Council decided to step in and run this post office when it was faced with closure. Local people were very dismayed with the prospect of losing this vital community amenity and several petitions were organised to garner support for keeping the Triangle Shopping Centre Post Office open. Over a 1000 people signed each of these petitions.

The new Post Office is located in the Town Council offices in the Triangle Shopping Centre and is open Monday to Saturday. The Town Council have converted a  downstairs meeting room in the Council House into a Post Office. The Town Council anticipate that the new Post Office will bring significant benefits such as the generation of income; preservation of a vital community asset used by many local people; helping to sustain the other shops in the Triangle Shopping Centre; retention of 3 part-time jobs and providing access to a local banking service.

The opening of the new The Triangle Shopping Centre Post Office is the culmination of a long application process that began a year ago. Councillor Terry Allen thanked the Town Council and Post Office staff who have worked so diligently to make the new Post Office a reality. He said, ‘the opening of the new Post Office is a fantastic boost for the local economy at the Triangle Shopping Centre and preserves an essential local service that is becoming even more important as high street banks close and people turn to the Post Office for traditional banking services.’