Council Chamber Image

Meetings are normally held at The Council House, Triangle Shopping Centre, Frinton on Sea, CO13 0AU.

However, Please Check the Agenda to confirm the meeting location information.

A Public Question Time of 15 minutes will take place at every Ordinary Council Meeting.

Town Council of Frinton and Walton

Calendar Of Meetings 2024

Thursday4 January 2024Council 7.15 pm
Thursday25 January 2024Council 7.15 pm
Thursday15 February 2024Council 7.15 pm
Thursday7 March 2024Council 7.15 pm
Thursday21 March 2024Annual Town Meeting 6.00 pm
Wednesday27 March 2024Council 7.15 pm
Thursday18 April 2024Council 7.15 pm
Thursday9 May 2024Annual Town Council Meeting 7.15 pm
Thursday16 May 2024Council 7.15 pm

Recreation and Amenities Committee Meetings:

Thursday21 December 2023 CANCELLEDRecreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm
Thursday1 February2024Recreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm
Thursday14 March 2024 CANCELLEDRecreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm
Thursday25 April 2024Recreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm

Finance Committee:

Thursday19th October2023Finance Committee 10.30am
Thursday 16th November2023Finance Committee 10.30am
Thursday7th December2023 PostponedFinance Committee 10.30am
Wednesday 10th January 2024Finance Committee

Personnel Committee:

Friday6th October2023Personnel Committee 1.00 pm
Tuesday14th November2023Personnel Committee 1.00pm
Tuesday5 March2024Personnel Committee