Council Chamber Image

Meetings are normally held at The Council House, Triangle Shopping Centre, Frinton on Sea, CO13 0AU.

However, Please Check the Agenda to confirm the meeting location information.

A Public Question Time of twenty minutes will take place at every Ordinary Council Meeting.

Town Council of Frinton and Walton

Calendar Of Meetings 2021/22

Thursday 28OctoberCouncil 7.15 pm
Thursday18NovemberCouncil 7.15 pm
Thursday 9DecemberCouncil 7.15 pm
Thursday 6 JanuaryCouncil 7.15 pm
Thursday27JanuaryCouncil 7.15 pm
Thursday17FebruaryCouncil 7.15 pm
Thursday10MarchCouncil 7.15 pm
Thursday 31MarchCouncil 7.15 pm

Recreation and Amenities Committee Meetings:

Thursday 4NovemberRecreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm
Thursday16DecemberRecreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm
Thursday 3FebruaryRecreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm
Thursday17MarchRecreation & Amenities Committee 7.15 pm